Thursday, July 07, 2016

Being an asshole as evidence of honesty

I'm completely fascinated by the Trump supporters that I interact with online are so smitten by the fact that he is allegedly a "truth teller" when so much of the factual claims that come out of Trump's mouth during the campaign have been false.

The "truth teller" idea seems to come from the fact that Trump is willing to make politically incorrect1 statements. There is this weird assumption that the willingness to offend people necessarily means you tell the truth. "Donald Trump says Mexicans are criminals so his statements about his business record must be accurate." Huh?

1-Is it just me or did the term "poitically correct" fall out of usage in the 1990s? Before this campaign I had not heard it for years. When Trump started using it, my first thought was it was more evidence that his worldview was stuck in the late 80s. But now the phrase is back, I think because of Trump.