Monday, July 18, 2016

I'm not racist, look at this manslaughterer!

I'm really enjoying all the articles about all the planning that went into the dumpster fire convention:

Donald J. Trump was told, no, it was not sensible to have Don King, the flamboyant boxing promoter, address the Republican convention. But Mr. Trump, who has repeatedly boasted of having Mr. King’s support, kept pressing the matter.
Finally, officials including Reince Priebus, the Republican national chairman, firmly explained to Mr. Trump why Mr. King should not be invited: He once stomped a man to death and was convicted of manslaughter. The party could not associate itself with someone convicted of a felony.

What does it say about someone if their "I'm not racist I have a black friend" black friend once stomped a man to death? THAT'S who he's got to prove he is a caring guy?!?!

I know a lot of liberals are worried about Trump and the fact that he has a chance (albeit slim) of actually becoming president, not to mention how his candidacy is making outright racism more socially acceptable. That's all true and I understand why people are freaked out by him. But it is also kinda fun to watch the GOP be stuck with a guy with so much baggage and who is this bad at actually running a political campaign.