Friday, July 22, 2016

Pence who?

Do you know anything more about Mike Pence after this convention than you did before? Party conventions are really just a big ridiculous political commercial (even when they are not a total shitshow like this one was). But one role they do play is allow the campaign to introduce the Vice Presidential candidate to the American people. Sarah Palin's speech in 2008 is what changed her from an obscure governor of a far off state to a household name. The one political convention I attended (DNC in 1996), the Vice President's speech was the highlight of the evening. (It was Al Gore's blinking to the camera macarena bit).

I was listening to a political podcast this morning and one of the bobbleheads made a passing reference to the fact that Mike Pence had given a speech during this year's RNC. He gave a speech? It didn't appear in anyone's highlight reel. Did it even make the news?  Does anyone even remember it?

Mike Pence has totally disappeared from the conversation. He even has a daughter who is a vampire, but no one cares.