Thursday, August 04, 2016

As always, the potential harm to the Trump campaign is Trump's reaction

Like Atrios, I don't personally care whether Melania Trump was technically illegal at some point in the past. And, even with the hypocrisy angle, I don't thing Trump supporters will care either. Anti-immigrant sentiment is not really about the technicalities of immigration law, it is about the perception of who is breaking those laws. The Trumpians are not going to be bothered if an attractive woman comes to the U.S. and works as a model in violation of U.S. immigration law. She may be a foreigner, but she's not one of "those people." So no harm-no foul.

The only thing even mildly interested about this story is the anticipation over Trump's inevitable response. What crazy shit will he come up with this time? This has all the makings of an awesome overreaction by Trump too. It's attacking his wife. It makes him look stupid and hypocritical in light of his anti-immigration stance. I can't see him just letting this one go.