Tuesday, August 16, 2016

There won't be another season of "The Apprentice"

I doubt this is true, but if Moore is right, then Trump is even dumber than I thought. Trump is not going to get a better deal on "The Apprentice" because of this presidential campaign. The campaign has changed the Trump brand. He is now an even more racially charged controversial figure than he was before and after this, he can never go back to how he was before last year.

Before when people thought of Donald Trump, they thought of a successful businessman. I'm sure some people still think of him like that, but now a majority see him as a racist con-artist liar who mocks the disabled, is possibly an unwitting Russian agent, and calls for the assassination and prosecution of his political opponents. I'm sure when this is over, Fox News and Breitbart will be knocking on his door. But outside of the wingnutosphere, Donald Trump's career is done.