Friday, September 30, 2016

Can they really be this stupid?

I'm a bit flabbergasted watching my Trump supporting friends following their leader and going on all-out attack on Alicia Machado. It's so incredibly stupid. Clinton brought up Machado at the debate as an example of how cruel Trump is to women. And Trump's response is... to heap more cruelty on her. So what if, after Trump emotionally abused her she went on to participate in crimes or made a porn film (I'm not saying that either charge is true. They are just what Trump and his followers are accusing her of. Actually, it appears that the porn star allegation is false, but that hasn't stopped the Trumpians from talking about it), none of those claims rebut Clinton's charge against Trump. In fact, what has happened since the debate bolster's Clinton's claim that Trump is cruel and belittling to women.

I feel really bad for Ms. Machado right now. But I am getting a little enjoyment from watching the Trump team so gleefully shoot itself in the foot.