Saturday, October 01, 2016


With Trump doing his best to ruin his presidential prospects, my focus has turned to the Senate races. I'm convinced that even if Clinton wins the presidency, that ninth seat on the Supreme Court won't be filled unless the Democrats control the Senate. It's still close, but 538 currently gives the Dems a 54.7% chance of taking the Senate, which is too close for me. My own state's Senate race is much closer than it should be, but at least McGinty is currently favored to win.

The real disappointment is Florida. When he first reluctantly decided to run for reelection after all, I thunked that Rubio was toast. At the time he was just coming off being flayed alive by Trump in the primary and he was so obviously uninterested in actually being a senator, I didn't think he could pull off another win. Unfortunately, that's completely wrong. Trump's evisceration of Rubio didn't leave any permanent scars and he has been consistently ahead of his opponent for the Senate seat for months. C'mon Floridians, you still have time to toss little Marco out. Without that seat, a Democratic majority would be pretty certain. But Rubio has got to go even if the chamber's control was not at stake.