Saturday, October 22, 2016

"You're the puppet!"

I think this exchange in the third presidential debate encapsulates the absurdity of the entire Trump campaign:

Clinton: Well, that's because he would rather have a puppet as president of the United States. 

Trump: No puppet. You're the puppet.

If any normal candidate were accused of being a puppet of a foreign power, he would probably laugh it off and dismiss the claim as absurd, or point out all ways his policies differ from the foreign leader's, or explain that while sometimes his policies might happen to be what foreign leaders also want they still are in the best interests of the United States. But no, Trump went with "you're a puppet."

But that's not all that is absurd about that exchange! That happened in a nationally televised presidential debate and it wasn't even the most talked about moment in the debate. There were so many other wacky and norm-defying moments, the fact that the Republican nominee said "you're the puppet" was not a stand-out moment (although it did make lists of several "top moments").