Tuesday, December 06, 2016

The key question to understanding anything that Trump does: what's in it for him?

I don't know why so many people are puzzling over why Trump would abruptly announce that he will cancel the Boeing contract for two new Air Force One planes. Two key details give me enough reason to figure it out:

1. The new planes will not delivered until 2023. Even if we assume there are no further delays,  Minority President Trump would not be able to ride in the planes unless he is elected to a second term, and even in that case, it would only be in the final year of his term.

2. If some new shiny Air Force One planes go into service, Trump will be pressured to use those planes instead of his personal gold-plated jets. When he uses his personal jets, he can bill the Secret Service for millions of dollars. If he uses one of those new Air Force One planes, the Secret Service wouldn't have to pay him anything.

UPDATE: JMM floats another theory for why Trump turned on the Boeing deal. Marshall suggests that it might have been retaliation for the CEO's criticism of Trump. That wouldn't surprise me either. And if true, it would be an example of Trump abusing his power before he is even in power. Welcome to the United State of Banana Republic!