Friday, December 09, 2016

Will Trump be able to tweet after he is sworn in?

Others might not remember this but after Obama was elected there were a bunch of stories about how the Secret Service forced him to give up his iPhone because it was not secure enough. Obama is still using a Blackberry (in 2016!) which has been "stripped of most of its functionality to make way for extra layers of encryption." What functions were stripped are not clear, it is not even certain if Obama's phone can text or do email.

Assuming Trump lets the Secret Service tell him what phone he can use, would Trump's new presidential super-secure phone have Twitter? I would bet no. Even if there is a secure way to let him tweet (which I doubt, because tweets all go through a private company's server that the secret service can't control), they might just want to leave the Twitter app out of the package anyway, to stop Minority President Dumpster Fire from doing another stupid thing on Twitter.