Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Happy New Year!

The House majority delivers a big fuck you to the American people.

UPDATE: Well that was fast. The lessons for today are:

1. Public outcry can shame the shameless House Republicans into changing their behavior.

2. Trump will throw other members of the GOP under the bus if he thinks they are doing something unpopular. That behavior could be a force-multiplier to #1.

3. The media will give Trump credit for things kind of things even if he jumps on the bandwagon late.

4. Sure, crediting Trump for this is not fair. But if the ultimate goal is to get Trump to break with the GOP as much as possible to stymie their rightwing agenda, stroking Trump's ego by giving him credit will encourage him to do more of that in the future. Trump can be manipulated. Why not see if he can be manipulated for good rather than always just for evil?