Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Meta Kompromat

This is similar to the point I made earlier, but whatever Kompromat the Kremlin might have on Trump, that fact that everyone is talking about it is now its own kind of Kompromat that Trump opponents have on the president-elect. He can't make any military or foreign policy decision that without someone accusing him of doing it just because Putin has something on him.

I keep wondering how Trump will play this hand once he gets in charge. Will he be goaded into purposely do something that everyone knows that Putin doesn't like, just to prove that he is not Putin's puppet? If he does, will Russia retaliate by releasing some embarrassing stuff about him, thus proving that Russia was holding blackmail material after all? Or will Trump just toe the Putin line, despite all the marionette jokes and blows to his credibility?

I'm not looking forward at all to the nightmarish future of Trump's America. But I am kinda curious how this infantile man-child will deal with this.