Thursday, February 23, 2017

The M. Night Shyamalan of political pranks

James O'Keefe managed to pull off that Acorn sting in 2009 and do some real damage to the organization. (He is the primary reason that ACORN no longer exists, and the reason that ACORN is so demonized on the right, it still gets regularly defunded by Congress notwithstanding the fact that it no longer exists). He had more limited success with his NPR sting in 2011, which caused two NPR executives to resign, but did not any lasting damage to NPR. But other than those two, O'Keefe has tried almost a dozen other stings, all of which either fizzled or blew up in his face. (e.g. that time he tried to break into a Senator's office)

The latest much-hyped CNN sting turns out to be (surprise!) a big nothing. So are are people still paying attention to this guy?