Thursday, March 02, 2017

41 days in and we have almost as many scandals

The chief law enforcement officer in the country committed a felony during his confirmation hearing (lying to Congress). In normal times, Sessions would almost certainly resign. But the Trump era is not normal times and I don't know if Sessions is a normal AG. If he doesn't resign, then I guess everyone can wave stuff like this at him at every possible opportunity. Maybe that will be effective at ruining Sessions' credibility which might limit his ability to make big changes to some extent. Or maybe not. Having a President who has no sense of norms or ethics puts us in some uncharted waters.

I do think that the Trump will ultimately suffer if he does nothing to contradict the idea that his administration is a gang of corrupt criminals who colluded with a foreign power to undermine democracy. Canning Sessions wouldn't make that idea go away, but it would be a start. (Then again, I can't see him actually firing Sessions. The guy is one of his longest and most loyal supporter since the beginning of the Trump campaign)