Thursday, March 02, 2017

Toomey Logic

My piece of shit Senator speaks:
But Sen. Pat Toomey (R., Pa.) said it was too soon to call for Sessions' recusal.
"It's too early to know the answer to that," he said in an interview. "Let's see where the investigations lead, if to anywhere. It's entirely possible this is completely innocuous and very brief conversations, in which case there's no issue."
So Session's own department of justice should investigate the matter and once we "see where the [Sessions-run] investigation leads" we can decide whether Sessions did anything non-innocuous that justifies recusal. What are the odds that an investigation that Sessions himself is in charge of will find that he committed any serious wrong?

Toomey added that it was also "to early to know whether the fox poses any real danger to the hens in the hen-house. Let's see how much danger there is, if any, after the fox can spend some time inside with those defenseless hens we can decide if the fox wants to do them harm. It's entirely possible that the fox's presence was completely innocuous, in which case there's no issue."