Thursday, March 23, 2017

we can't win, so charge!

I can't tell if the Republican House leadership actually believes that they have any chance of winning today's vote on their health bill or if they expect it to go down and want to be able to say they tried.

I don't really understand what the point of this strategy of plowing ahead with a vote today no matter what, other than the fact that the Republicans really have no good options on healthcare right now. But what makes this the least-bad option?

UPDATE: If this is true, that means Ryan et. al. actually thought they had a chance of winning the vote. They are not trying to go down swinging, they do not want to go down at all. Now that they finally see the writing on the wall, they will put off the vote.  But that makes me wonder why they ever thought this piece of shit bill that is hated by the left and right could ever pass? (Again, this is assuming that report from The Hill is right.)

UPDATE2: And it's official. The Hill report that I linked to in the first update was correct. Ryan canceled the vote, again leaving us with the question: why the hell did they think this bill could ever pass?