Monday, April 03, 2017

Bombs away

The filibuster is stupid. But as long as it exists, there is no reason the opposition shouldn't use it, or any other parliamentary move they have available to stop stuff they don't like. Especially in this case, which is as much about retaliating for the ridiculous and unprecedented blockade of Garland as it is about Gorsuch.

Even if the Democrats decision to filibuster means that McConnell will nuke the filibuster for future Supreme Court appointees, good riddance. There shouldn't be a filibuster anyway.

Yes, some people argue that eliminating the ability to filibuster a Supreme Court nominee could hurt the Democrats because they will not be nominating anyone to the Court in the next three years at least. If Republicans are able to nuke the filibuster whenever the Democrats muster one, then the filibuster itself is illusory. There is no reason not to try it now. If nothing else,  we will now all get to see if Republicans are on board with a nuking.