Sunday, April 09, 2017

Choose your battles, Steve

The thing I don't get all these stories about the power struggle between Steve Bannon and Jarod Kushner is why Bannon would choose that particular battle. Is he really that stupid? Trump has no ideological core and no real loyalty to anyone except for his family. It should have been obvious to Bannon that if forced to choose between Trump's son-in-law and Bannon, Trump would choose the son-in-law. The only way that Bannon could have any hope of winning is if Ivanka dumped Kushner. Bannon had no hope of winning on ideology, so why are there all these stories that he tried?

The bottom line is that Trump's family, especially his blood relatives, but also his in-laws as long as they are in his blood relatives' good graces, are basically untouchable. That is why nepotism is a bad thing, although if it does in Bannon that would definitely be a silver lining.