Thursday, April 20, 2017

Spinners gotta spin

There were 18 candidates on the ballot in this week's GA-6 special election: 11 Republicans, 5 Democrats, and 2 Independents. Jon Ossoff, the Democrat who came out on top, got 92,390 votes which was 48.1% of the total votes cast. None of the other Democrats got anywhere close to that number (the second place Dem was Ragin Edwards with 502 votes). Those four other Democrats combined received only 1,521 votes, or 0.9% of the votes cast.

The Republicans, meanwhile, had several candidates with significant segments of the vote. There was: Karen Handel with 37,993 (19.8% of the total votes), Bob Gray with 20,755 (10.8%), Dan Moody with 16,994 (8.8%), and Judson Hill with 16,848 (8.8%), plus seven other low performers (less than 1% of the vote) who garnered a combined total of 5,407 votes (2.8%).

So naturally when the Wall Street Journal writes a story about the aftermath of the race, it's the Democrats who are dealing with "party divisions."

(via Memeorandum)