Monday, May 15, 2017

An easily manipulated president is a huge opportunity for everyone else

I would not be surprised if every foreign intelligence agency is trying to get an agent inside the West Wing just so that person can slip articles to the President to manipulate his actions. Seriously, every single country. It is not likely that the world's most powerful nation will be led by someone this easily manipulated ever again. So this is their big chance to pull the strings of our presidential puppet.

Every nation has something they could use the U.S. to help them with, even allies. If you're Uganda and you want to finally resolve that dispute with the DRC over Rukawanzi Island, get an agent to put a pro-Uganda article about the dispute in Trump's reading pile, along with a clipping about the public approval spike Trump got when he shot missiles at Syria. If you're Tajikistan and want to get Uzbekistan off your back in the Rogun Dam dispute, just get the right article into Trump's pile so he makes an enraged call to Mirziyoyev. If you're Japan and upset that South Korea keeps bringing up comfort women, maybe the right article will get America to put more pressure on Seoul for you. The sky's the limit. Trump has so few core beliefs and is so moved by the stuff he reads, even things that would be obvious fakes to most other people, this has got to be too big of an opportunity to pass up.