Friday, May 12, 2017

No, he does not have a recording of the Comey dinner

Why are so many people reading this tweet to mean that Trump has a recording of his dnner with Comey? Trump regularly just tosses ideas out there that have no basis in fact in an effort to intimidate people. I doubt Trump has the technical know-how to record a conversation (yes, I realize with today's phones it takes almost no technical prowess to record people talking). I doubt he would have had the foresight to try to record a call or that he thought that particular meeting should be recorded (unless he records every conversation he has, but we have seen no indication of that yet).

Given what we know about Donald, isn't it more plausible that he is just trying to scare Comey into not speaking publicly about their dinner? It might not even be as coherent as that. He might just be lashing out to lash out. That certainly would be more in character of the president than some scheme to record the FBI Director's conversation and keeping it secret for four whole months.

ADDING: Exactly. This is what the President does when he feels under the gun. He makes shit up and tries to threaten people.