Monday, July 24, 2017

Rudy would be terrible but

Even Giuliani would be better than Sessions for AG. Sure, Rudy is a total buffoon and he has some serious issues about race (in terms of his support for "stop and frisk" and profiling). But his race issues aren't nearly as bad as Sessions all-but-outright racism. At least voter suppression has never been one of Giuliani's pet issues.

I'm not saying I would support Giuliani's confirmation. On the contrary, I would call my Senators to demand he not be confirmed (and I think as someone who was never a colleague of the whole Senate, Rudy might have a harder time getting conferred than Jeff did, and Jeff barely made it through). I would love it if Giuliani got appointed and then was rejected by the Senate. But if I need to pick a world where Sessions is AG or Giuliani is AG, I would go with Rudy every time.