Tuesday, July 18, 2017

What a dumbass

The whole "let Obamacare fail" strategy means using the Administration's powers of rulemaking and funding allocation to quietly undermine the ACA until the system falls apart. It already has some problems, but you make those problems worse with a thousand administrative papercuts and then  refuse to shore up the ACA marketplaces when they don't work right. The idea is that if Obamacare "fails on its own" then Democrats will take the blame for their failed health care law, while Republicans avoid the blame and legislative pitfalls from repealing the popular law.

But that only works if the public doesn't know that the health insurance market's failure is the Administration's doing. You got to undermine the law on the down-low or else you are just screwing people out of their health insurance and getting the blame for killing people. So don't broadcast the "let it fail" strategy to the entire internet, moron.