Friday, August 11, 2017

Ice Ice Baby

In the 14(!) years that I have run this blog, I have done different things before I go away on vacation. Early on, I would tend to give my readers (yes both of them) a warning that I'm going away and that posting frequency might dip. But whenever I did that, hit stats would take a steep dive. After I noticed that, I started just slipping away without saying anything in advance. But still my posting frequency did change, so the hit stats still dipped.  It turns out that what keeps the hits coming these days is post frequency and I do post less when I am on a trip.

But who cares about the hit stats! This place is supposed to be where I can talk about whatever I want to talk about. So I guess I will tip my hand and reveal that I am escaping for a little more than a week of the worst month (weather-wise) in mid-Atlantic and heading today to the Land of Ice with the family.

I will probably post something from there (because I always do). And who knows, maybe posts will be just as frequent as usual! My posting has been so erratic lately,  almost anything can be usual.