Tuesday, August 22, 2017

President Trump actually asked a good question

“We’re losing,” the president declared, according to a person who was in the room. The [Afghanistan] plan, he complained, was vague and open-ended, with no definition of victory. “What does success look like?” he asked.
Back in the early years of this blog, when W was president and the Iraq War had no end in sight, one of my constant refrains was that: if you can never "win" a war unless you give a precise definition of what "winning" means. Or, as the president put it, what does success in Afghanistan look like? Without a clear answer, it will never be a success.

While I applaud Trump for actually asking an intelligent question for once, he is back to being a moron for abandoning that point and giving in to the generals. For a guy obsessed with "winning," he needs to make it possible for there to be a win. Thanks to the generals in his administration (allegedly the only grown ups who have Trump's ear), we are now ramping back up our Afghanistan War without any hope of a "win."