Thursday, August 10, 2017

Something to consider

 In the Obama era, ICE was required to prioritize the undocumented who had a criminal record and to leave alone undocumented people who were law abiding. Conservatives complained about it, calling it effectively an "amnesty" but the flip side of the argument was that ICE did not have the resources to deport every undocumented person. If they can't do everyone, why not use those resources only for the undocumented who are more likely to pose a danger to the public? If conservatives didn't like it, they could always push for an increase in ICE's budget.

ICE's budget hasn't been increased since Trump came into office. (A new budget hasn't passed yet). And yet, the agency is now arresting a lot of undocumented people who are otherwise law abiding. That can only mean they are letting more undocumented people with criminal records go.

ICE is detaining more people, but only because ICE seems to be going after the low-hanging fruit of the undocumented population. Catching people engaged in drug smuggling or violent crime is hard. Those people make efforts to hide from authorities. People with jobs and kids are easy to catch. They have established routines and operate in the open.

ICE is not only breaking up families and ruining people's lives. They are also doing less to protect the American public against those bad hombres.