Friday, September 08, 2017

Not one war but dozens

The Syrian conflict is so complex, it is actually a bunch of different conflicts going on at the same time. Within the overall war of the Assad Regime to reassert control over Syria, the various opposition forces trying to keep up their rebellion against Assad, and ISIS's attempt to hold on to their ever-shrinking Islamic State, there is a Chechen civil war as well as one of those Chechen factions using the Syrian conflict as their opportunity to fight Russia. And those two wars are just the Chechen strand to the conflict, and Chechens are just a tiny portion of the total number of groups fighting there.

It is even a misnomer to call it "the Syrian conflict". The Islamic State managed to at least partially erase the Syrian-Iraqi border, so you could view the Syrian conflict and the ongoing strife in Iraq as a single messy tangle of multiple wars and struggles.