Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Why the warning?

I am intrigued that Steve Bannon thinks this is a concern.

But I have a really hard time believing that Trump would come out in favor of any kind of meaningful gun control measure. One of Trump's first substantive bill he signed made it legal for the mentally ill to buy firearms and he has shown zero inclination to get on the gun control band wagon. Sometimes horrible events like yesterday's news from Las Vegas have moved politicians to change their positions on gun control, but usually only if they are affected by it personally. More often, politicians who are hostile to gun control double down on their opposition when this happens. Plus, in order for him to be influenced by this event, he would have to have some degree of empathy. I don't think there is an empathetic bone in this president's body.

Plus, the NRA has been loyal to Trump throughout the campaign and his presidency. The only time that Trump breaks from orthodoxy is when someone representing that orthodoxy pisses him off. The NRA hasn't done anything to piss him off.

So is Bannon just spit balling an unlikely hypothetical or is there some actual reason that Trump might make some sensible move towards gun safety that would piss off the gun nuts? Don't get me wrong, I would love to see the nuts pissed off (not to mention whatever substantive gun safety rule that could pass if Trump gives it the right opportunity), but I just don't see any chance of that happening.

(via Memeorandum)

UPDATE: I guess this statement is why the gun nuts peed their pants.