Wednesday, November 08, 2017

And another one

Dear Sir or Madam,
Have a good day!
Through Googel Search, we come to know your name and address.
I saw your comapny need rubber hose. Hope to be your suppliers.
This is Eva come from QINGDAO FOREVER RUBBER CO.,LTD.Located in Qingdao, CHINA.
We specialize in providing:
Rubber hose and PVC hose,
Rubber seals strips & Molded Parts,
Rubber fender,
Rubber Equipment, and many other industrial products .
Our products is good quality and very competitive price!
Welcome to visit our website :
Please inform us which model you are interested in.
Expect your early reply.
Thank you.
Okay, this one is from someone who thinks I want rubber hoses and not that I sell them. But again, I can't imagine how anyone would get that impression from even a cursory glance here.

On the plus side, it looks like this site isn't blocked in China.