Monday, December 18, 2017

Is the president being set up?

I had a "holy shit" moment when I read this post and the article it links to.

If Atrios guessed right and Cobb or some other person who should know better is telling Trump that Mueller will clear him in the hopes that keeps the President from trying to fire Mueller, that advisor is setting Trump up with a major tantrum when Mueller issues indictments or issues a report finding indictable offenses instead of clearing Trump. There's no reason to do that unless you are setting Trump up to act in the worst possible way at the moment when his presidency might be at its greatest risk.

As terrible as it is for the country, Trump's best strategy is to try to discredit Mueller now, before he wraps up his strongest cast that Trump or his family members are criminals. That is why Fox and the rest of the conservative media is full-on in discredit mode already. Trump is too stupid and gullible to see that, and it looks like he has someone he trusts telling him that it will be okay if he lets this run its course.

(Don't get me wrong, I don't want Trump to discredit or try to fire Mueller. And I think that would also be a risky move for the Trump presidency, but from the evidence that has come out so far, it might be the best shot Trump has at weathering this storm. And it is better for him to do it soon. The closer we get to the 2018 midterms when this comes to a head, the worse it will be for Trump because the public hates Trump)