Wednesday, January 03, 2018

President Trump is still choosing the second best

Since I am repeating points I have made before today, let me just reiterate how bizarre it is that Donald Trump is apparently getting all of his information from Fox News.

Putting aside the fact that Fox is one of the least-reliable news channel, news channels themselves are not ideal. The reason they (and actually all news sources) exist is because ordinary people want/need information about the world, but most of us don't have the time to investigate stuff on our own, or a team of investigatory agencies to find out stuff for us. News agencies are there to do it for us. They have reporters to find and report relevant information to us. They have the clout to interview important people and (hopefully) ask them the questions we would like answered. Still, the news media can never be better than second-best. In an ideal world where I had unlimited time, resources, and influence, I would call Senators myself and they would take my calls. I would have Rubber Hose agents roaming the world finding out the stuff I want to know and reporting back to me. That's not going to happen, so I resort to the news, which sometimes is fine, but even at its best will always fall short of that imagined ideal.

But the President of the United States is close to that ideal world. He may not have unlimited time and resources, but Senators and other important people will take his calls. He has diplomats in every country in the world who can brief him on events there. He has a bunch of intelligence agencies at his fingertips who do go out into the world and find out stuff to be reported back to him in private briefings. Those agencies have access to information the rest of us never will have, and even news organizations themselves won't ever get a lot of the stuff they find out.

The President has the ability to have some of the best information, but he is eschewing his intelligence briefings for regular news broadcasts. In the words of our illustrious Secretary of State, what a fucking moron.