Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Madness of King Don

I like how Trump's demented insistence that his proposed wall on the border with Mexico be "see through" is pretty much ignored by both pro- and anti-Trump people. He brings up the fact that the wall needs to be transparent all the time.

Apparently, the President thinks we need some kind of window so people walking on the American side will be able to see Mexicans throwing bags of drugs over the wall and will be able to move out of the way before getting bonked by falling bags. Why drug smugglers would principally rely upon the hurl-a-bag-of-drugs-over-the-wall method of drug smuggling is unclear. It is also unclear if the President has heard of high-tech gizmos like "cameras" or "motion detectors." The entire idea is completely nuts, but the president has brought it up every time there is a discussion of the wall.

Why is the public largely averting their eyes when the President is spouting off such madness? People notice when he brings up the wall, and his wall comments will spark the now-familiar discussions about the feasibility of such a wall, where the wall will be, how much it will cost, what happened to the idea that Mexico would pay for it, etc. The see-through part doesn't seem to get much discussion.

Here's my discussion: It's fucking nuts. It makes no sense at all, and it even more proof that Trump is not right in his head. (Whether it is the product of some kind of mental decline or if he has always been this idiotic is really a side issue to the undeniable concern that our president doesn't possess the mental abilities to be president).