Tuesday, January 23, 2018

This shit drives me crazy

You can argue that the Democrats "lost" the Shithole Shutdown or "won" it, but who cares? Politics is not a games. It is not about "winning the day," or "scoring points," or "coming out ahead." Those things might all matter to some extent in a close election, but it isn't what politics is. And it should not be what reporters focus on, especially when it's not even election season.

Politics is about getting shit done. Before the shutdown, CHIP was unfunded, DACA needed a legislative fix before goes away in March, and a budget needed to be passed. Now, CHIP is funded, but the other two things still need to be addressed. That is progress. It is certainly not everything that I wanted to happen, but it is better than where we were a week ago.

To be honest, I don't know if the shutdown was worth it. Maybe CHIP could have been funded without the cost of the government shutting down. But what's done is done. This is where we are now: CHIP has funding, the Democrats have not given in to any new draconian immigration restrictions or funding the wall, and with a new budget deadline three weeks from now Democrats can still insist that DACA be addressed before they agree to a budget. You can use that to argue that the Democrats actually "won" (or at least didn't "lose"), but again, who cares? I care about progress, so let's just call it progress.