Tuesday, February 20, 2018

No one should ask a teacher to take a bullet for a student

This is totally unbelievably insane. No one should expect a school teacher to lay down their lives for even their students. They are not secret service agents (and frankly, I wouldn't blame a SSA if he or she quietly chickened out and declined to take a bullet from a presidential assassin). Teachers may have dedicated their lives to educating the next generation, but they did not sign on to risk their kid for their kids. That is not what their job is.

I can imagine "taking a bullet" for Noz Jr., but no one else. Some of his friends I like a whole lot too. No matter how much I like them, I would not take a bullet for them, nor would I expect any of the adults Noz Jr. knows to take one for him.. A teacher is not a bodyguard. Teachers are not supposed to be a bodyguard. I realize that parents want to feel like their kids are safe when they send them off on their day, but it is crazy to expect school officials to be our children's human shields. The amount of lunacy Americans are willing to entertain just to avoid sensible restrictions on guns continuously astounds me.

I am not an educator so I can say this openly. I wonder how many of my teacher friends are thinking something like this but don't want to say it out loud for fear it will be perceived as not being dedicated to their students. I don't doubt any of Noz Jr.'s teacher's dedication to his education even if are unwilling, in an extraordinary life-or-death situation, to sacrifice their life for him.