Monday, June 25, 2018

Don't know what bigotry is

I was away at Kazapalooza so I mostly missed people whining about how Sarah Huckabee Sanders was a victim of bigotry when she was refused service at a restaurant over the weekend.

Bigotry is when you judge someone because of a trait they have or a group they belong to, not because of what they have done as an individual. SHS was refused service at the Red Hen Restaurant because lies to the American people on a regular basis and most recently defended the systematic abuse of thousands of children. That is not bigotry. It is the opposite of bigotry. She was judged for her own deeds, not because of some trait she has.

Ari Fleischer is full of shit. (Isn't he always? Fleischer held Sanders' job during the Bush Administration, and helped lie our way into a war with Iraq). This will not lead to "Democrat-only restaurants" and "Republican-only restaurants." Sanders wasn't thrown out because she is a Republican (the restaurant is in a county that Trump won and doubtlessly serves Republicans on a regular basis), she was asked to leave because she is a spokesperson for building a concentration camp for children.