Thursday, June 07, 2018

The weirdest party in DC

Donald Trump hosting an Iftar dinner.

(via Memeorandum)

UPDATE: Juan Cole thinks the dinner is Muslim-washing to sway the Supreme Court not to overturn Muslim Ban 3.1. The current iteration of the Muslim Ban is being reviewed by the Court and the challenges have been citing various Trump public statements and tweets to demonstrate his bigotry against Muslims to establish the Ban had a discriminatory motive. But if Trump can eat dinner with Muslims without throwing up, he must not have a bigoted bone in his body, right? It doesn't have to be a convincing argument, just coherent enough for Justice Kennedy to hang his hat on and defer to executive authority.

As far as I can tell, Trump didn't go off script and talk about terrorism or call them all camel-fuckers (or at least if he did, it didn't make the news), so he seems to have crossed the extremely low bar of not looking like a bigoted asshole for 2 straight hours. If it was Muslim-washing, it just might work.