Friday, October 05, 2018

Procedural question

This morning the Senate took a cloture vote (i.e. a vote to end debate) on the Kavanaugh nomination, which is a prerequisite for a vote. But then, after the cloture motion passed, Senator Collins took the floor of the Senate and explained why she was voting to confirm Kavanaugh.

Why did it happen in that order? Isn't a Senator giving a speech about why he or she is voting for a nomination of legislation part of the debate? Once they close the debate, why do any Senators get to speak about it on the floor. If the debate is really over, it is just time to vote. If people are allowed to list the reasons they are for or against a proposal after cloture, then cloture isn't really closing debate.

(Yeah I know Collins' speech was infuriated for a variety of reasons, but this question is really nagging at me.)