Thursday, November 08, 2018

More optimistic about 2020 than everyone else

I guess I don't share others' pessimism about the Democrats' 2020 Senate chances. First, a lot can happen in two years. Specifically, I continue to think that: (1) Trump's approval rating will finally go below the high-30s when the economy turns South, and (2) the economy is very likely to go South in the next two years given Trump penchant to impulsively slap tariffs on important trading partners.

And looking at the 2020 Senate map once again, I see a ton of seats the GOP will have to defend and relatively few difficult to defend seats for the Democrats. Sure, they will probably lose Alabama (Doug Jones was a beautiful fluke), but there are plenty of red states on the map that sometimes elect Democrats and would be a good chance for a pickup if we assume that Trump's popularity falls in the next two years. I'm looking at ME, NC, IA, CO, SD, and MT. Given this week's close contests, I don't think that TX and GA are definitely out of the running either. (WV might be. I don't think we can replicate another Manchin)