Wednesday, November 07, 2018

The mortem, it is post

We didn't get the repudiation of the President I was hoping for, but the Democrats won the House! Just a few years ago the prevailing wisdom is that sucker was so gerrymandered a Democratic House would not be possible under after the 2020 census. So there's that.

The weird thing about this morning's results is that they were pretty much what 538 had been predicting for the past 1-2 months. The map I see today is what I expected for weeks. And yet, as long as the votes hadn't actually been cast, there was always the chance that things could turn at the last minute, or the polls' model of the electorate did not apply in the age of Trump, etc. There was a little flicker of hope that still saw a Democratic House and Senate as a real possibility, with Ted Cruz defeated by a real progressive in Texas (Texas!), the first African-American governor in Georgia and Florida, et cetera. The pain of this morning is not things didn't turn out as expected, it is that the hope of a different possibility is now extinguished.

That said, there are plenty of shiny gems to look at this morning. The Goggle-Eyed Homunculus Hired by Koch Industries to Manage Their Midwest Subsidiary Formerly Known as the State of Wisconsin lost. So did Kris Kobach and Bruce Rauner and Claudia Tenney and Dave Brat.

Man, I was really hoping that Steve "not Stephen" King and Devin Nunes would be on that list. Better luck next time.

ADDING: How could I forget the shiny gem of Dana Rohrabacher going down?