Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Why this thing and not the others?

I don't understand why Trump is so hung up on building an actual wall on the border with Mexico. Yes, he promised to do so repeatedly in his campaign, but he promised a lot of things. He promised that Mexico would pay for the wall. He also promised a massive infrastructure bill. And he hasn't had any problem dropping those promises. Why has he had no problem walking away from those promises while feeling that he cannot give up on the wall, no matter how destructive it is to his presidency?

Yes, I know some of his crazy supporters (or former supporters) are insisting on a wall. But why are those supporters latching onto the wall as opposed to those other things? Why aren't they up in arms because Trump didn't even try the stupid plan he released during the campaign (it's still on his campaign web site) to get Mexico to pay for the wall by seizing remittances? Why aren't they demanding a half trillion for infrastructure (the Democrats might actually be able to go for some of that)? Hell, why aren't they trying to get a wall deal by calling it infrastructure?

At this point I think "the wall" has become a totem of success--Trump and the Trumpies feel they need a wall to win. But they didn't have to make that the totem. Why was the wall the thing that they all latched on to?