Thursday, March 07, 2019

Don Jr., Eric, and Ivanka are fair game

The reason it is usually a bad idea for members of the opposite party to "go after" a president's family members is because:  (a) the general idea that minor children should be off limits because they are children (2) just being related to someone is not a real connection to substantive policies and decisions that are worthy of political attack.

Neither of those reasons apply to the President's adult children (at least not Don Jr., Eric, and Ivanka--no one remembers or cares about Tiffany). All three have been assigned and have willingly taken on grown up roles in the Administration and/or Trump's business empire. None of them are very popular with the public (Ivanka is the only one who is more popular than her father, and only by a couple of percentage points). If the Democrats launched a substantive investigation against Don, Eric, or Ivanka, I don't think there would be any more blowback than any other Trump-related investigation. Team Trump would cry foul, but they do that to every investigation of the President or his people.