Saturday, May 18, 2019

The price of a president who is a complete ignoramus

Of course the Trump Administration’s conditions for a nuclear deal with Iran look a lot like Obama’s nuclear deal that he rejected. The reason Trump called that agreement a “disaster” is because Obama made it. He could not cite specific problems with the details of the agreement, because he had no idea what those details were. So now that his war monger if aides are pushing him to attack Iran and the Administration is forced to articulate what Iran has to do to avoid confrontation, those conditions are going to be dictated by the same realities that produced the JCPOA. Except now Iran has even less incentive to believe the US would honor any new deal.

This is similar to what happened with NAFTA and the TPP. Trump also referee to those trade agreements as “terrible”. He backed out of the TPP and negotiated a replacement deal for NAFTA, the USMCA, that he bragged was much better.  Except the ways that the USMCA differs from NAFTA are largely lifted from the text of the TPP  Both Mexico and Canada are in the TPP. It looked like they took advantage of the President’s ignorance to get the US to abide by the TPP rules (at least as they pertain to those two countries).