Thursday, May 16, 2019

The other reason that Trump's bluster won't bring Iran to the bargaining table

Aside from what Benen says, why would Iran ever enter into a deal with the U.S. about anything? The leadership took a risk with hardliners to enter into the nuclear deal, and then they upheld their side of the bargain only to have the U.S. abruptly withdraw from the agreement and punish Iran for no clear reason. The Trump Administration is a serial violator of international agreements. Why would any other country trust that we will do whatever we agree to do ever?

Even after Trump is out of office, I don't see how that will fix the problem. From now on whenever anyone enters into negotiations with the U.S. they will be thinking "sure, we trust the current leadership. But in less than 4-8 years they will be gone. How do we know the Americans won't elect another buffoon line Trump who will come in and rip up the deal?" America is simply not a credible negotiating partner anymore.