Thursday, June 06, 2019

Eric is the oddball

Is Eric Trump the only spawn-of-Trump whose name is not an ego trip for his parents? The other four all are. There is Donald Junior, obviously named after his father. There is Ivanka, who name is just the name of her mother Ivana Trump, with the slavic "-ka" suffix to indicate a diminutive (Ivanka literally means "little Ivana" in Czech, Ivana's native language). Then there is Tiffany, who was apparently named after the jewelry store next to Trump Tower in New York. Finally, there is Barron, who was named after John Barron, the pseudonym that Trump used in the 1980s to bamboozle his way onto the Forbes 400.

So four of Trump's five children are named after himself (Don and Barron), his wife (Ivanka), or an expensive store he was rich enough to shop at (Tiffany). Where does that leave Eric? Where did his name come from?