Wednesday, September 04, 2019


I don't do the "holy shit look how stupid our President is" beat anymore because, well, with this President I can do that every day, if not several times a day.

But holy shit, look how stupid our President is. Not only won't he admit he made a mistake, he used a sharpie to make an obvious edit to the official NWS map to make it seem like he was correct after all.

He's the President of the United fucking States. Couldn't he have at least gotten someone to do a convincing photoshop of the image for him? The man is so stupid and gullible I guess it doesn't occur to him that no one is going to believe his altered map and instead this will just make people highlight his original idiocy for a whole other day.

ADDING: This post includes a concise summary by a "professional weather guy." As PWG concludes:
While people and officials from FL to VA are currently making important decisions , he is trying to defend the Alabama error. He is this petty and this stupid.