Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Congressional Republicans care about the Kurds more than they care about the rule of law in the U.S.

I'd take this a step further. The fact that the Republicans are seriously pushing back against Trump over his decision to betray the Kurds in Syria, tells us that all the previous Republican posturing about how they disapprove of Trump's other actions but whatchagonnado reactions are simply horseshit. When Trump does something bad that Republicans really care about, they will take action. They won't just release a statement tut-tutting what the President did.

For whatever reason, Republicans care about the Kurds. They don't care about clear criminal activity like abetting foreign interference in American elections, or ignoring a subpoena. If they did care, they would do more than issue bland statements of disapproval. They would pass resolutions and threaten to withhold their votes on issues that are important to the President.