Wednesday, November 06, 2019

A World Turned Upside-Down

It's pretty crazy just how many otherwise big news stories are getting almost no coverage because our news media is preoccupied by the demented racist who has taken over our government. There have been massive protests in Chile, Lebanon, Iraq, Hong Kong (which has gotten some coverage), Pakistan, Spain, Russia, Egypt, Algeria, Ecuador, Ethiopia, and no doubt more that I've either forgotten or never heard about. The Prime Minister of Lebanon resigned last week because of that country's protests. That would have been a big news story before the giant orange distraction took over our lives.

Not that I'm blaming the American news media for focusing all its attention on Trump. Like it or not, the shit he does is probably the most important thing in America right now. I just try to remind myself whenever I get sucked in that the rest of the world hasn't stopped moving while the U.S. has focused all its attention on its own navel.