Monday, February 17, 2020

Thanks Bloomberg!

Whenever Betsy DeVos does something terrible, you can thank Michael Bloomberg. DeVos was only confirmed by the narrowest margin, Mike Pence had to break the 50-50 tie in the Senate to get her confirmed. But if Bloomberg hadn't poured $12 million into Pat Toomey's campaign coffers in 2016, Pat might not have barely eked out a victory against Katie McGinty by half a percentage point. Without Toomey in the Senate, DeVos' nomination would have been defeated without a tie, as would who knows how many judicial nominations that also were confirmed on the narrowest margin in the first two years of the Trump Presidency.

Of course, Bloomberg's support of Toomey was in 2016, before Trump came into office. Maybe Bloomberg didn't realize how bad Trump would be or how important it is to have a strong Democratic Congress as a check on Trump. That's why Bloomberg hasn't donated to Republicans in Congress since (checks notes)... 2018, i.e. the last election, two years after it was clear just how bad Trump is.