Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Trump cannot escape Corona

I didn't think that Trump was really going to end his COVID-19 task force. Well, I guess I could imagine him disbanding it, but only if he replaced it with something else related to the disease.

Trump wants to get past the Corona virus. Don't we all! But he wants to because it is nothing but bad news for him and he believes (correctly IMHO) that it is going to be another serious strike against him in November's election.

But at the same time, Trump is a complete attention hog. He can't stand it when the big story doesn't involve him. As much as he wants the disease to go away, just shutting down his task force and pretending the crisis is over would just mean that he would not be part of the biggest story in the nation. COVID-19 is the biggest story in the world whether or not there is a presidential response. The only way to insert himself in the story in any positive way, is for his administration to make some response and to take credit for whatever silver linings it can glean from this shit-fest. If Trump disengages from the disease, the only story will be about how he is neglecting his duties.