Thursday, August 06, 2020

Moscow Mitch Can't Do His Job Once He Needs to Do More Than Blocking Legislation and Slamming through Nominations

I'm shocked that Moscow Mitch has backed himself into a corner and is finding he no longer has any leverage to get what he wants in a stimulus bill. No one could have predicted that!

This can end today if Mitch just passes what the Democrats passed in May. Sure, it doesn't have all the corporate giveaways he wants. But he's not gonna get them anyway. He probably would have gotten some of that stuff if he had immediately started negotiating with the Democrats 3 months ago. He tossed that leverage away for no reason at all. Everyone knew that this crunch was coming. The July 31 expiration of the last corona relief bill was right there in the legislation he handled in March!

Can we dismiss the idea that McConnell has been an effective Senate majority leader? He only seems to be effective when there is no legislative agenda. His job is getting his party's priorities passed, but aside from the tax bill 2 years ago, he hasn't even tried to pass any substantive laws. Instead, all he has done is refuse to take up the House's bills and shoved through judicial nominations to pack the courts with young conservative hacks. While that is a big deal, he is really terrible at getting what he wants in actual legislation.